Scheduler is a flexible, all-purpose diary and resource planner for the workplace which allows the entire company to view the timetable.

Scheduler enables businesses to make the most of their resources with effective time management.
    •  See an overview of all resources' availability and bookings
    •  Quickly create or edit bookings and assign them to single or multiple resources
    •  Choose from a variety of time-scales: Day View, Week View, or Month View
    •  Define colour-coded booking categories
    •  Define custom booking fields for each booking category
    •  Manage holiday allowances and bookings
    •  Automatically send emails when new bookings are created

Scheduler helps businesses to make the most of their resources and ensures everyone has the correct information when they need it.

Scheduler is available as a stand-alone product, but also integrates with Sage CRM and Microsoft Exchange calendar.
    •  Use Sage CRM Users, People, or other entities as resources
    •  Synchronise bookings into the Sage CRM calendar
    •  Auto-complete on booking fields using records in Sage CRM
We are also able to customise Scheduler to meet your specific needs.